Since 1992 Drukshiai Ecological Education School has started its work on the ecological education in the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) region for young people and pedagogues in order to study the impact of the Ignalina NPP to the environment as well as to apply innovative learning and teaching techniques in Natural Science studies.

Visitors of the Drukshiai Ecological Station are strongly involved in to the studying process based on modern education methods. Practical works concerned with various aspects of the cognition of the environment (ecology, chemistry, geology, zoology, botany and radiometry) make up the basis of the educational work. In the result the overall understanding of different processes that occur in the environment is formed. Methods used in the above-described activities and work results are published and presented to the public continuously. The most valuable experience is summarized in the book series "Library of young naturalist". DEUM is also seeking to keep contacts with former participants and invites them to participate in long-term projects.

DEUM is the example of an effective education network that combines a specialist, a pupil and a teacher in a common educational process. Since that is an informal way of the education, young people tend to learn quicker and understand better. DEUM works for effective education, better environment and deeper understanding.

Contact DEUM to organize an individual study course for Your target group and for Your needs!

As minimum we can offer standard programs for:
1. Basic, Secondary school and Gymnasium pupils and teachers;
2. University students;
3. All individuals interested in Natural Sciences (chemistry, biology, geography, physics etc.).

Our partners:
Vilnus University Chemistry Faculty
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Information Centre
Lithuanian Association of Adult Education
Lithuanian Youth Technical Creativity Palace
Lithuanian Chemistry Teachers Association